Affordable Residential Construction & Remodels

Lengo Construction’s main service is affordable residential construction. We believe that meticulous supervision is the most effective way in which to build a home. We believe so strongly in this, that a “hands-on” approach for all projects has become our building philosophy. We value our client relationships, and we’ve developed a customer-centered process based on clear, honest communication. We pursue a balanced approach to each project through sustainable building practices, thoughtful innovation and technical know-how.

Drafting & Architectural Services

Lengo Construction also offers Drafting and Architectural Services. We believe that it is important for you to have a strong comfort level with your builder. At Lengo Construction, we work diligently to create an environment that encourages communication, from the initial stages of planning all the way to completion. This approach will ensure that expectations are set accurately so that there are no surprises.

Why choose us?

Lengo Construction is able to design and build residential homes that meet and exceed customer needs on a budget, while keeping customer service and satisfaction a priority. While most builders delegate critical work to design teams and foremen, our management team is present at the home sites daily in order to work with our tradesmen and ensure quality control. This superior level of attention is simply one advantage of building with Lengo Construction.

Our Approach

As a General Contractor with several decades of building experience, Lengo Construction, Inc. applies the practical approach to the process of producing affordable homes. The journey begins with a design concept that is coordinated with a targeted budget. Most customers who are seeking home ownership are seeking the most home for their money.

The Difference is Experience

The difference between a design contractor and an architect/draftsman is that the contractor has years of practical hands on experience, and the architect and draftsman do not. With limited frontline experience, non-builders will always have a tendency for over engineering and unnecessarily increasing the costs. While there is nothing wrong with being extra safe, there is very little advantage to living in a “Fort Knox” type of home.

The designs that Lengo Construction has built, nearly 1300 homes over the last 38 years, are homes are built to code minimums. This may seem borderline at first, but when you consider that building codes are routinely established at 400% above failure, there is a very liberal margin of safety already built in.

When Draftsmen/Architects Design Plans

When a draftsman or an architect prepares your plan, they are doing so without the advantage of building a home from the ground up. It is unlikely they have any experience operating heavy equipment, shooting elevations through a transit, laying conduits, or swinging a hammer to set forms. It is unlikely they have had any exposure to the problems of pouring concrete, framing trusses, cutting in hips and valleys or squaring off a roof. It is unlikely they have been on a jobsite with their tool belts on trying to interpret an inexperienced draftsman’s building plans, where varying dimensions do not add up.

The Benefits of Using a Design Contractor

The advantage of using an experienced builder to design your home and to draft your plans to meet your budget, is one of efficiency and economy. You take no risk that the plans you initially pay for might end up describing the construction of a home that is unaffordable. A preliminary design and a proposed footprint on your lot, in relation to existing conditions will be needed. Contours, setbacks, utilities, prevailing winds, view corridors, access, and parking must be considered and accounted for. A design contractor, like Lengo Construction, can effectively give you the house you want, while taking into consideration existing conditions and occasional challenges.